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Best Jazzercise Shoe Reviews

Many people follow professional advice and do extensive research prior to embarking on a new exercise program. One of the things that they research is the equipment that is needed to be successful in the program. Since Jazzercise combines aerobics and dance, the only things that participants need is a playlist full of sweat provoking music and a great pair of shoes. Some participants use the shoes that they have; others seek out the best brands and bargain prices. Popular shoes for Jazzercise includes the Ryka Influence, Nike Free TR Fit 4, ASICS Rhythmic 2, and the Bloch Boost DRT.

The style, color, and the size are only a few things that have to be considered. Common statements about these shoes are that they are flexible, stylish, and supportive. The Ryka Influence are breathable, durable, and provides a great deal of cushion and support. The Nike Free TR Fit 4 was designed for dance aerobics. They are described as lightweight and stylish with a natural feel. The Bloch Boost DRT and the ASICS Rhythmic are both lightweight dance shoes with pivot control and breathable mesh. Bloch Boost DRT and ASICS Rhythmic 2 also have minimal traction to support fluid movement.

Best Jazzercise shoe

There are also some things that consumers found undesirable about these shoes as well. Ryka Influence has been described as bulky and not made for individuals with wide feet. ASICS Rhythmic appears to run long, they are very thin, uncomfortable, and provides very little support. Nike Free reportedly pushes the heel forward which causes the toes to smash in the front and provides minimal support as well. Bloch Boost is believed to lack support, feel heavy, run small, lose comfort over time, and slip occasionally. These shoes all have things that consumers found to be unsettling despite the high recommendations.

Each shoe is made with a particular foot in mind. Bloch and ASICS both focused on creating a dance shoe that would be versatile. Nike was interested in the dance aerobics shoe, which is what they created and put out to the markets. Ryka is the only shoe of these top suggestions that were made specifically for Jazzercise. All of these brands have strong reputations for producing quality products. Many of the issues with the shoes pertain to construction. The slant of the heel, the width of the shoe, the amount of support, and things associated to this were the focus of most of the complaints.

With the provided pros and the cons of each product, consumers will be able to make a well-informed decision in regard to the purchase of their new pair of Jazzercise shoes. The average cost of the shoes ranges from sixty-five dollars to one-hundred dollars. Based on the need of the participant, they will be able to determine which pair from this list will best suit their needs. The stylish flare may outweigh the bulky feel for some and it may be a deal breaker for others. Overall, each Jazzercise participant will have to determine which shoe fits.

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