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Best Kickboxing Shoes Reviews

Getting into the gym for kickboxing means that you are ready to part ways with a substantial amount of calories. Kickboxing is a high-impact sport that requires the correct footwear. During training the athlete experience a lot of strain. much of this strain is on the feet. With bare feet or the wrong shoes, one is likely to get injuries. It is for this reason that the kind of shoes matters a lot. currently, the market is flooded with hundreds of versions of kickboxing shoes. These shoes may look similar in the eyes of a newbie. Therefore a guide to selecting the best kickboxing shoes will be of significant value. To understand which are the best kickboxing shoes, one needs to have knowledge of the pros and cons of these shoes.

Pros of the best kickboxing shoes

1. The first and the most noticeable feature of kickboxing shoes is the fancy look. The coloration and decoration on these shoes stir up admiration- courtesy of the designer.

2. The shoes being low heeled offer a great deal of stability. Furthermore, the wraparound lacing steps in to improve the already great stability.

3. The shoes are light in weight.

4. The shoes have rubber soles that absorb the shock while working out. Therefore, the risk of acquiring injuries is greatly slashed.

5. Kickboxing shoes are durable. The rubber soles are tough to ensure the shoes will last longer. It is recommended that the shoes be used specifically for indoor workouts to avoid diminishing their lifespan.

Best Kickboxing Shoes

Cons of the best kickboxing shoes

The existence of many models of kickboxing shoes means that the cons differ from one model to the next. Some models exhibit the following shortcomings:

1. Some models have raised heels which jeopardizes stability rendering them inconvenient for use in kickboxing.

2. Some models are incompatible with athletes with flat feet.

Qualities of the best kickboxing shoes

The feature of a kickboxing shoes are what justify their purpose. Shoes such as Ryka studio D, Asics Gel-plexus, Nike

Free Bionic and New Balance mx20v3 are among the top-notch not by coincidence or default but because of their design.

1. Kickboxing is a sport that involves a lot of movements. The best kickboxing shoes will be light to ensure the athlete is not worn out by weight.

2. Most movements are made while on toes. For this reason, the front of the shoe is cushioned for shock absorption.

3. Stability is paramount in kick boxing. Therefore the athlete need to be as close to the ground as possible. Due to this, kickboxing shoes are low heeled.

4. Kickboxing shoes have enough grip to prevent slippage without impeding motion.

5. For athletes that would desire aeration in their fit, going for mesh uppers shoes will be the best.


With kickboxing slowly creeping into gyms, it is important that the issue appertaining the correct footwear for kickboxing be addressed. Ryka studio D, Asics Gel-plexus, Nike Free Bionic and New Balance mx20v3 are among the best kickboxing shoes around. The incorporated features is what make books them on top of the list. Among these feature; light weight, they are durable, enhance stability, great shock absorbers, and have a fancy look. Just as any other sports shoes with shortcomings, kickboxing shoes are not an exception. Some of the cons in some models include; raised heels and incompatibility with athletes with flat feet.

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