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Best Squatting Shoes Reviews

In the world of sports, squatting is consider the king of all exercises owing to the fact that its a compound exercise, hitting more than one muscle group. With this in mind, it is very important to have the right footwear during a squatting session regardless of the brand or price- after all the bar doesn’t care the type or brand of shoes you are wearing. Due to variation in body morphology and stance, squatting shoes vary in type. For example, athletes towering 6 feet and higher tend to bend more while squatting- thanks to their body mechanics, thus loading their lower back more instead of the quads. To shift much of this weight from the lower back, they may use shoes with elevated heels.


There are two types of best squatting shoes to look at- flat shoes or heels. As stated earlier, heels are recommended for taller athletes while the shorter one may use either shoes. The best squatting shoes are Chuck Taylor’s sneakers and the Olympic Lifting Shoes. The advantages of using squatting shoes are:
1. Squatting shoes reduces the stress load on the lower back. Such is achieved as a more upright position is possible. Additionally, the load on the back is transferred to the quads.
2. Squatting shoes enhances the stability of the athlete. The flat sole ensures maximum contact with the ground that would not have otherwise been achieved barefooted.
3. The combination of increased stability and a more upright position amounts to a safe training session.
4. The Chuck Taylor’s sneakers are considerably cheap.
5. The Olympic lifting shoe is favorable to people of all heights.
Best Squatting Shoes


The main disadvantage of the squatting shoes- particularly the Olympic lifting Shoes is their price. Going for around 200 US dollars, some of the athletes would need to break the bank to raise such an amount. Under such circumstances, a taller athlete who isn’t in a position to cough up such an amount would opt to go for the Chuck Taylor’s sneakers which would end up limiting the range of motion during the squatting session. The Chuck Taylor’s sneaker lack perforation that would ensure aeration of feet during the exercise. Such is disadvantageous to athletes whose feet sweat during exercise.


It goes without saying- comfort and safety come first during a squatting session. The sole of the best squatting shoes is made of rubber and is flat at the bottom. The rubber ensures no slippage would occur and stability is achieved with the flat surface. In other words, the athlete should feel he/ she is firmly fixed at one point. Additionally, a squatting shoe should be light. The heels of an Olympic lifting Shoes should range between 1/2 – 3/4 inches high. The heels are high enough to ensure a more upright torso without affecting the stability. The shoes are ‘ventilated’ to ensure proper aeration of the feet.


As an exercise, squatting is important therefore, proper shoes would make the exercise more comfortable and safer. The are two best shoes for squatting- the Olympic Lifting shoes and the Chuck Taylor’s sneakers. The Olympic Lifting shoes suits taller athletes while the Chuck Taylor’s sneakers befits the shorter athletes. The shoes elevates stability and reduces the stress on the lower back. The cost of a pair of the Olympic lifting shoes is quite too high in comparison to the Chucks. The Chuck are disadvantageous when it comes to aeration of the feet and favorable to short athletes. The stability of a squatting pair of shoes is guaranteed by the flat rubber sole. 1/2 – 3/4 inches height is the optimum range heels without jeopardizing the stability.

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