Best Weightlifting Shoes Reviews

Weightlifting is one of the common inexpensive sport today. The opinions emanating from different weightlifters as to which is the best shoe for weightlifting calls for an informed and clear answer- it all lies in the biomechanics. One may wonder- why weight-lift in a weightlifting shoe in the first place? Or why not weight lift in the normal running shoes? Well, the sole of the normal running shoes have air gels or in other words they are spongy. It is purposeful made that way to absorb the shock while running. Weightlifting requires a great deal of athleticism. Under a humongous amount of load, the kind shoes worn may be the determinant between success and failure. For this reason, a pair weightlifting shoes is a force to reckon in the world of sports. Adipower, Nike Romaleo, Reebok crossfit, and Inov-8, just to mention a few, are among the top-notch weightlifting shoes.

Pros of weightlifting shoes

1. In weightlifting, the term injury sends a chill down ones spine. To slash down the risk of acquiring one, a pair of weightlifting shoes would come in handy. This is how it works; during an exercise such as squatting, the lower back ( which is susceptible to injuries) should carry minimal weight leaving the rest of the load to the legs. The heels of the shoes ensures that the torso remains in a more upright position thus transferring much of the load to the legs.

2. The shoes ensure the feet remain sturdy during the exercise- courtesy of the flat rubber sole. Further more, the rubber sole provide traction or simply eliminates slippage.

3. The shoes enable the athlete to lift more. With the correct movement during exercise, it is undeniable that one would lift more.

Best Weightlifting Shoes

Cons of weightlifting shoes

Despite being crucial, weightlifting shoes have one major disadvantage; they are quite expensive (in my opinion). The best pair of weightlifting shoes, for example from Nike, Reebok, or Adidas is sold averagely anywhere within the range of 150-200 dollars. Such a jaw dropping amount (to some athletes) may be out of reach. This seems to be the only drawback of weightlifting shoes.

Quality of weightlifting shoes

A pair of weightlifting shoes possess a few features that justify their purpose.

1. Raised heel. The heels ensures much of the load is transferred to the legs. Additionally, the heels are made of steel, wood or hard plastic. Unlike rubber, these material ensures that the athlete doesn’t ‘sink’ into the shoes while carrying heavy weights.

2. The shoes come in different sizes. The feet should fit comfortably with out leaving space.

3. The shoes are light in weight without sacrificing anything for the weight

4. The shoes are made to last long. The synthetic leather guarantees durability.


The controversies appertaining the right kind of shoes for weightlifting demand a well-researched and informed answer. Adipower, Nike Romaleo, Reebok crossfit and Inov-8 are among the best weightlifting shoes. The shoes reduces the risk of injury, improve stability and ensure the athlete lifts more. The cost of a pair of these shoes seem to be the only disadvantage. Although price presents a challenge, the pros outweighs this challenge making the shoe worth your purchase. The shoes are comfortable, light in weight, last long and have raised heels to ensure the lower back is not overloaded.

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