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Best Zumba Shoes Reviews

Zumba incorporates several dancing styles alongside some squats and a little aerobic. With reggeaton, salsa, hip-hop and merengue filling the air one would need to have the correct zumba shoes to safely execute the zumba maneuvers. The exercise is steadily climbing up the ladder of popularity. Zumba can as well be done on barefoot or any kind of sports shoes. However, when safety, comfort, flexibility and breathability are brought into the equation, the different models of sport shoes get knocked out. To spot the best pair of zumba shoes among the many brands available is not as straight forward task as it may sound. But after a careful and thorough research The New Balance wx797, Ryka influence, Zumba energy Fuze and Nike Flex are among the best zumba shoes.

Pros of the best zumba shoes

1. Zumba shoes are light to ensure the exercise is not cumbersome. This is possible through the use of synthetic material.

2. With zumba a high impact activity, the shoe does a great work in absorbing the shock .

3. Zumba shoes have enough room for toe movement.

4. The shoes have a stylish look. The carefully and strategically designed zumba shoes carry around the awe.

5. With the perforate uppers the shoes ensure the air circulates well in the feet during the dancing session.

6. Zumba footwear are highly flexible to prevent build-up of stress in the knees, ankles and hips while executing the moves.

Best Zumba Shoes

Cons of the best zumba shoes

The shortcomings exhibited by some of the models include:

1. Some shoes are narrow making them unsuitable for people with wide feet.

2. Some soles have contours which are not suitable for dancers with arches. Furthermore, the contours inconveniences dancers with flat feet.

Qualities of the best zumba shoes

The following feature distinguish zumba shoes from the rest:

1. Light weight. Zumba shoes have minimal weight to prevent the dance from becoming an uphill task.

2. Flexibility. Zumba shoes are highly flexible to prevent stress build up.

3. Zumba shoes have enough grip to prevent slippage without preventing sliding.

4. The shoes must have great impact cushioning ability to lower the risks of injuries.

5. Zumba shoes should ensure proper aeration of the feet during the dancing session. To achieve this, the uppers of the shoes are made of perforated or breathable material.

6. The best Zumba shoes have spacious front for the toe. This feature comes in handy for dancers suffering from conditions such as arthritis.

7. The best Zumba shoes are made to last long.

8. The last but not least feature is the fancy look. The footwear should be captivating to the eye.


Exercising for weight loss or fitness is no longer be a boring activity with zumba in place. Owing to such, attire (footwear) go a long way just to ensure comfort, flexibility, longevity and safety remain intact. With this in mind shortcomings never fail tag along. Among them are: some models are incompatible with people with flat feet while some are narrow for wide feet. Among the best zumba shoe are;The New Balance wx797, Ryka influence, Zumba energy Fuze and Nike Flex.

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